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Git cheatsheet inside VS Code

This has been long overdue.

Many developers, myself included, have a Terminal open inside VS Code where we run different Git commands. Oh, you do as well? I knew it! It happens sometimes that we need a particular command but don’t really remember it. What do we do in that situation? That’s right, we switch context! We leave the code editor only to be distracted by something else. And when we eventually come back with the answer, we also cary with us a bag of distractions.

Many of us also have our favorite Git cheatsheets that we consult in case of a need. And they come in all kinds of formats - bookmarks, printed on coffee/tea mugs, mouse pads, wall posters, socks, saved in pdfs, docs, written down on paper, sticky notes and what not.

We have our Git cheatsheets in all sorts of places but not in the most obvious one - INSIDE THE EDITOR.

So I’m here to bring some good news! 🎉

I made an extension that lets you open a Git cheatsheet inside VS Code! 🚀

Here’s a little demo.

Demo of Git Cheatsheet inside VS Code
“Git Cheatsheet inside VS Code” extension

Now you can have it right there where you most need it. You open it, you find your command, you continue your work. How cool is that? Of course, the bag of distractions is not included.

Currently there’s only one way to open it:

If you use Git and VS Code, please give it a try. I hope you find it useful.

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