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VS Code extension that lets you open the MDN docs of a CSS property

Update 2: After the extension was deprecated almost two years ago, it was time to move on. I removed it from the Marketplace and archived the repo. All links to it from this post were also removed. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who used the extension ❤️

Update 1: As of v1.38, VS Code supports the functionality provided by this extension natively as well! I’m quite happy about it because I didn’t know they were going to implement something similar. And what’s even better is that they also show a link to MDN for HTML elements! Now go and update to the latest version of VS Code. It’s worth it! 😎

After releasing my first VS Code extension last week, I got an idea for another one. This one lets you open the MDN docs of a CSS property. Quite simple! The link appears on hover.

The extension is conveniently called “CSS to MDN”.

Here’s a demo:

“CSS to MDN” extension

Before making the extension, if I wanted to open the docs of background-size, for example, I’d switch to a browser, open a new tab, search for something like “mdn bkg size”, then click on the first result.

With this extension I don’t have to go through these steps. I can hover a property and click on the link. Nice, isn’t it? 😉

If you work with CSS, please give it a try. I hope you find it useful.

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