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Links to all slides from ngVikings

Group photo
Group photo from ngVikings 2019

I attended ngVikings 2019 and it was fantastic! It was my second one, after going to Helsinki last year. It was nice seeing some old friends and also making new ones. All of the talks I went to were quite interesting. I’m heading home now inspired to try new things.

At the end of each talk, the presenter(s) usually shared links to their slides, demo and other helpful resources. People were taking pictures of those links so I thought of collecting them all in one place for quick reference.

Day 1


John Papa

Minko Gechev

Kristiyan Kostadinov

Shmuela Jacobs and Christoffer Noring

Create Your Own Hacker Nebula with Angular Blockly

Jeff Whelpley and Madelyn Whelpley

Add Native Mobile to Your Angular Projects: The Migration Story

Sebastian Witalec

Can you imagine a future without zones?

Maxim Koretskyi

5 Tips to Improve User Experience with NgRx

Alex Okrushko

Real world component libraries at scale

Katrin Freihofner and Stefan Baumgartner

It’s Alive! Machine Learning Writes Your Code! 🧠🔮

Uri Shaked and Dominic Elm

STORE TREK: The Voyage to Angular

Mike Ryan and Sam Julien

Dynamic and Lazy Loading: A Deep Dive

Aaron Frost

Native, Hybrid, PWA? How to deal with it?

Marta Wiśniewska

Write Better Tests With TDD

Alex Hoffman

Boost up your component development

Mitko Tschimev

Improving angular material table performance with pagination

Fabriece Sumuni and Nicolas Cassis

Authstronomy: The Science of Authenticating Angular Apps

Kim Maida

Angular Revisited: Tree-shakable Components and Optional NgModules

Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

Leveraging Angular in Node.js with Nest

Kamil Mysliwiec

Bad Practices, what NOT to do in Angular

Valentin Kononov

Caught in the middle!

Natalia Venditto

Running in Parallel: NgRx with WebAssembly, Web Workers and Worklets

Vitalii Bobrov

The State of the Angular tooling

Wassim Chegham

Collect, Combine and Cache RxJS Streams for User-Friendly Results

Deborah Kurata

Day 2


Dan Wahlin

Matt Podwysocki

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen

Frameworks and webcomponents

Filip Bech-Larsen

Creating Custom Structural Directives

Ashnita Bali

Cross Platform with Angular and Ionic 4

Mike Hartington

Tuning Your Angular Application

Bonnie Brennan and Matt Carniatto

Manfred Steyer

Angular in a microservices world

Kwinten Pisman

Operate heavily dynamic UI’s with RxJS

Michael Hladky

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Modular Galaxy

Stanimira Vlaeva

Discover the power of decorators in TypeScript

Maarten Tibau

Take a snapshot

Bo Vandersteene

Unleash the power of the Angular CDK

Nir Kaufman

Reimagining the frontend-backend divide thanks to GraphQL

Uri Goldshtein

Deploying Your Angular Apps

Dan Wahlin

Angular for the Visual Learner

Samantha Brennan

RxJS panel

Hope you had a great conference! After arriving home, take a few moments to think about your experience over the last two days — the talks you attended, the conversations you had or the new friendships you created. Hopefully that will inspire you to try something new, get involved in the community, or feel positive about the direction Angular is going.

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